Creating DungeonDoodles

Below I have outlined a little about the process of how a custom DungeonDoodles piece comes about. Based on your description provided at checkout, I begin the process of creating a unique piece of art just for you. Or for someone else, I have no idea. You give me money and tell me what to draw, I do it, that's it. Enjoy and Thank you for your support. 


The Sketch

When I begin your character, I will start by scribbling some random ideas down based on the description you've provided. Once I am happy with it, I will send it to you. This is the time to make minor changes if needed. Once the go ahead is given, I will move on to the inking phase.

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 8.07.08 PM.png

Inking & Shading

Once the sketch is approved. I will move on to inks and shading. I line everything out first and will usually let it dry for a bit before I just go to town on the whole page with an eraser to get rid of all the pencil underneath. Once that's done, I will go in with my grey tone Copics and start shading. I do all the shading at once while it's wet for better blending.


Colors & Highlights

Once the shading in done. I will let that dry for a bit before I start the color. Again, this is another time I need to do it all in one shot while it's wet for better blends. I will sometimes have color ideas in my head before going in but usually unless clearly stated, I will just color on the fly and see how it goes as it's going. After colors, I will let dry again for a bit and then come back in with a white gel pen and hit highlights throughout. Then it's off to you!

Digital Recordings

Recordings from Manga Studio using a Wacom Cintiq 22HD and OBS capture Software.

Inking Ellaquin the Wood Elf Druid

Ellaquin was rolled up in 5e. She's a Wood Elf Druid with a Hermit background. I gotta say, the Druid kicks butt. Turning into a bear is a great perk and really piles on the HP.